Potser Edicions 
Potser Edicions (Perhaps Editions) is a 'publishing home' I created to let go of ideas and combine photography, design, illustration, art direction and writing. 
This is a game, a space to play around and let go of ideas and creativity. It's inspired in the Zine Culture. A zine is a self-publication created with low resources and not many copies that addresses a variety of topics. A way to create freely without restrictions from others. 
In this case, the motivation to start Potser Edicions has come from a specific format. Using an ordinary A4 size and folding it twice, we get a beautiful A6 with a lot to offer! Simple, cheap and with a lot of space for creativity. It doesn't matter how small the idea is, it will have a place and a form. 
The A6 Collection:
 Original idea, design & photography: Maria Alzamora 
Language: English 
Date: March 2020
Format: A6 (A4 unfolded)

Description: This is a critique to society and a personal statement. 
Poem: Azucena Momo
Illustration & Design: Maria Alzamora
Language: Catalan
Date: Desember 2019 - February 2020
Format: A6 (A4 unfolded)

Description: Sensuality from the garden.

Beautifly Irrelevant 
Text, Illustration & Design: Maria Alzamora
Language: English
Date: February 2020
Format: A6 (A4 unfolded)

Description: My thoughts on our role in the world and our beloved irrelevance. 

Other publications:
With Myself Project
Authors: Ada Segura, Ana Blanco, Ana Roussel, Anabanana, Anna Hartwig, Azucena Moya, Cristina Comaposada, Cristina Glies, Ella Healing, Jasmine Moodie & Esther Longden, Lita Guijarro, Luba Dalu, Mai Giménez, Maria Alzamora, Megan Wylie, Mireia Herruiz, Mònica Quintana, Noèlia Andrés, Pilar Villanueva, Ruvimbo Togara, Shreya Patel, Stephanie Jones, Teresa Casanovas, Tura, Alba Mas Soler
Original idea, art direction & design: Maria Alzamora
Language: English, Catalan & Spanish (All text are in English. The ones written originally in another language also have it's original version next to the translation). 
Date: May 2018
Format: A5
Pages: 45

Description: A conversation through the arts about vaginal and clitoral masturbation. Art disciplines: illustration, dance, poetry, photography and prose. 
​​​​​​​Masturbation is not a dirty word. It’s actually beautiful. In this project we are not talking about all kinds of masturbation, this is about vaginal and clitoral masturbation. The sexual education we receive often forgets about our beloved pussies. It tends to deny our sexual impulse and desire. Our pleasure doesn’t always have the space it deserves. Instead of keeping the wonders of our body invisible, we must explore them, enjoy them and claim them! We have asked some artists to work around this topic. This is the result.

A mar
Writing by: Maria Alzamora, Ana Blanco, Teresa Casanovas, Azucena Momo, Marta López Raurell
Design & Cover Illustration: Maria Alzamora
Language: Catalan & Spanish
Date: Desember 2018
Format: A6 
Pages: 12

Description: This is an exercise in creative writing. One topic, five writers. There is prose and poetry, all of them about different types of love.

To let go
Writing, Illustration & Design: Maria Alzamora
Language: English
Date: September 2018
Format: A6 
Pages: 23

Description: After a really hard year, I left the city I was living in and the partner I had been with for over two years. I moved out from that live and I went traveling for a week or two. There was a lot of letting go during those weeks. All the illustrations in the zine are from that trip. The text was written a year after, when I was on my way back to visit my old city. On that year anniversary I still had things to let go and this zine was the result. 

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