​​​​​​​This is a series that started in 2013 and it hasn't finished yet. Not really sure if it ever will. It started as a exploration of the body as a land to discover and with time it has taken many shapes. NUE is a way to explore the body as an object / subject but also a way to see oneself and work on that relationship. To use the camera to break beauty preconceptions and create new ones. NUE gives me a space to be nude and connect with myself and it allows me to create that space for others.  
It was first exhibited under the name 'NUE, shapes, shadows & absence' at Km7 Espai d'Art in 2014. The same year, a selection was exhibited at Bar Els Tints. 
In 2019 this serie took new form and a selection of it was exhibited at Vallgrassa, Centre Experimental de les Arts under the title 'NUE, un capítol sobre l'autoretrat' (NUE, a chapter on self-portraiture). 

'The body is nature, and sometimes (many times) we forget it. It’s part of us and it’s incredibly beautiful. The shapes of our contour, the shadows that are created by the light and the postures. The consequences of our movement make significant changes on how the body looks and where the light reflects in the skin. It’s full of textures. It’s a geographic land to discover'. August 2014.